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The Resort implemented sustainable business practices long before there was a global buzz about “going green.” In 2002, The Resort’s 27-hole golf course, The Courses, became a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, recognized for environmental excellence in five categories including Wildlife and Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Integrated Pest Management, Water Conservation and Water Quality Management. Out of 16,000 golf courses in the United States, only 2,300 are certified, and eighteen of those are located in Oregon.

Prior to this, The Resort formed a partnership with Wolftree and the Mt. Hood National Forest in 1995 to re-establish fish habitats along the Salmon River and its tributaries, resulting in the return of Coho Salmon in large numbers during the 1990s. This was known as The Wee Burn Stream Restoration Project. Wee Burn runs through The Courses.

The Resort is currently implementing the Salmon River Side Channel Enhancement Project in order to repair salmon and steelhead habitats damaged by floods and erosion during the past two decades. This project involves placing approximately sixty 35-foot logs and forty to fifty 3-foot by 3-foot boulders into the side channel. The end result will significantly reduce the risk of further bank erosion presently threatening a buried sewer line that services many local residences and a better habitat for Coho and Steelhead.

With a long history of community leadership in “green” practices, The Resort at The Mountain continues to expand its commitment to sustainability by implementing a wide spectrum of eco-friendly policies.

In 2009 The Resort at The Mountain planted 11,000 new plants indigenous to Oregon throughout its 300-acre property, adding to the lush mountain flora of the region and thereby benefiting the environment by improving air quality, conserving water and harboring wildlife. The new plants are thriving in the high country’s lush environment.

Among The Resort’s other ongoing environmentally-focused commitments are elimination of excess waste and conservation of natural resources. Specific green initiatives have been implemented in virtually every aspect of business.

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage Division purchases organic bounty grown on local farms and fresh foods vs. packaged or boxed. The culinary team also maintains an herb garden on The Resort grounds such that diners at Altitude, mallards cafe & pub and in room service may savor sustainable and edible garnishes throughout the seasons. Plus The Resort donates surplus food to a local retirement home.

In conjunction with its primary food service provider, Food Services of America, The Resort has partnered with the only broad-line distributor in the U.S. to be Food Alliance Certified (a rigorous year-long undertaking ~ retro fitting FSA delivery trucks, changing lighting system, setting up a water reuse system on site, etc.) but it helps ensure The Resort has a partner that meets their guests’ increasing desire to stay and dine at places that truly care about the planet and their neighborhoods.

The Resort also participates in the PURE oil program where all the kitchen oils are captured and recycled. Using all oil products from Ventura Foods, an Oregon company, further helps reduce its carbon footprint.

Additional Food and Beverage conservation efforts include composting and use of returnable, refillable containers. All chemicals used in food and beverage areas for cleaning purposes (industrial dishwashers, etc.) are “green” safe products. And “to go” cups and containers meet stringent Cedar Grove requirements. When practical, linens are reused for groups/banquets.


Green NatüraThe Resort’s Housekeeping team team stocks guest bathrooms with Green Natüra body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. The eco-friendly amenities are environmentally safe and packaged in biodegradable bottles made primarily from a corn-based plastarch material (PSM), which reduces environmental impact and promotes a sustainable future. The innovative ergonomically shaped, waste reducing soap was designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars. The soap carton is made from natural recycled packaging and printed with soy based inks. All Green Natüra products are cruelty-free and contain no animal fat or byproducts.

Green NatüraNaturally inspired and thoughtfully selected in all Resort guest rooms and suites are Koni Corporation’s bamboo bathroom towel. They are but one facet of their “total solution in soft goods” approach and products. Made from bamboo pulp and fiber, the towels are light, strong, have excellent wicking properties and are antibacterial. The bamboo plant is a renewable source which grows quickly and does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides. Bamboo also has many naturally antibacterial qualities, which bamboo fabric is able to retain, even through multiple washings. Bamboo, a natural cellulose fiber, comes from nature and returns to nature, that is to say it is100% biodegradable. Its decomposition process causes zero pollution in the environment. Bamboo fiber is highly absorbent — able to soak up three times its weight in water. Speaking of towels, The Resort encourages guests to be efficient with water use and to reuse bath towels!

Cleaning products used in guest rooms and public areas are certified green products. And cycled-through linen and bedding and guest room amenities are donated to the area’s homeless. Housekeeping has even integrated reusable housekeeping linen bags!

To further reduce waste, The Resort adheres to a comprehensive property recycling program. All materials that can be recycled are recycled by Resort associates. And guest room signage encourages recycling; recycling containers are provided in guest rooms as well as meeting spaces.

Front Office associates are proponents of paper conservation. Business materials purchased are made from recycled products – for example, give-away pens are made from corn; key cards are reusable; guests may be emailed their closing folio; reservations are confirmed on line; paperless check-in occurs; double-sided photocopies are encouraged. All above practices have drastically reduced paper use.


The Engineering Department’s conservation contribution is three-fold. Water. Electric. Recyling.

Installation of low-flow showerheads and low-flush toilets throughout the property are key. And water coolers in offices were integrated to reduce bottled water consumption.

Electrically-speaking, when guest rooms or event spaces are vacant, associates are encouraged to adjust the thermostats accordingly. All private and public spaces employ energy efficient lighting; spaces are lit with low wattage bulbs. And black-out shades serve to better regulate/control guest room temperatures.


The Courses’ use of battery-powered golf carts rounds out The Resort’s departmental contributions. And pest management practices are utilized for golf course environment for the continued enhancement of its wildlife habitat.

Grounds Maintenance efforts reflect in the intensive water quality testing of the waters that come in contact with The Courses. Tests are conducted twice yearly to ensure nutrients or pesticides are not leaching into the water.

The Spa supports sustainability by using only organic spa products, bamboo towels and cleaning solutions that are earth friendly.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing’s salute to sustainability comes through its paperless, online promotional sales tools such as eMeetings & Events Guide and Weddings eBrochure. Once paper-trail staples, no more!

Sustainability is an ongoing collaborative effort at The Resort, involving associates and guests.