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Why vacation this summer when you can staycation? Especially considering the hassles and expense of airline travel these days. Anybody have an extra $15 for that first checked piece of luggage? And how about those Oregon gas prices?

So why not stay, but not stay home? Exactly.

Stay around. Close by. But still retreat. Yes, you can! The Resort at The Mountain has concocted a Staycation offer simply too good to pass up or pass by!

Staycation is the summertime synonym for vacation. Sort of.

Webster defines “vacation” this way: freedom from any activity; rest, respite, intermission.a period of rest and freedom from work, study, etc.; a time of recreation. Nowhere in the definition does it say you have to GO AWAY somewhere or GET AWAY anywhere. At least not far.

So redefine your freedom from work this summer; enjoy a staycation at The Resort at The Mountain. The Resort is less than an hour from Portland . . . just off Highway 26 in Welches.

Once you’re here, do something; do nothing. Do whatever you wish. After all, that’s what staycations are for!

You may golf. Or not.
You may bike. Or not.
You may hike. Or not.
You may revel in a family picnic. Or not.
You may pick berries. Or not.
You may enjoy a game of tennis. Or not.
You may engage in a pick-up game of croquet or lawn bowling or volleyball. Or not.
You may work out at the Fitness Center. Or not.
You may chill out by the pool. Or not.
You may fish. Or not.
You may dash up to Mt. Hood and enjoy even loftier heights. (The Summer Adventure Park is sooo close!) Or . . . well you get the idea!

And as for your spouse and the kids? Well, that’s up to them. It’s their staycation too! Let ‘em be and make their own choices! Point is, there is LOTS to do for everyone!

You may even choose to do absolutely nothing. Or at least not much. Just simply be. Ahhhh. Now there’s a thought. Stay put? We think not. But staycation? Oh, by all means, yes!