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Welcome to The Resort at The Mountain

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No matter how you like to play, chances are you’ll find one of your favorite ways at or very near The Resort at The Mountain! Serious golf? Absolutely at The Courses. Not-so-serious golf? You bet at our 18-hole lighted putting course. The Greens. Snow sports? At Mt. Hood.
Naturally. Almost any kind you can think of.
nature concierge

Tennis? Uh-huh.
Croquet? But, of course!
Lawn bowling? Indeed.
Hiking? It’s sublime here.
Volleyball? Spontaneous or planned.
Badminton, anyone? Watch the birdie!
Mountain Bike? Solo or tandem.
Swim? Our year ’round heated pool makes swimming an awesome option.
Work out? A full fledge fitness center awaits at The Spa.
Fish? Yes — trout or fly fishing strike your fancy?
Rafting? Hmm. Hmm.
Horseback riding? Giddyup!
FootGolf? For sure.

If your interests lean more toward kayaking, berry or mushroom picking or even salmon watching, you can satisfy those vacation desires too.

No matter how you like to ‘play,’ you won’t be disappointed! See how outdoor fun awaits you in Mt. Hood Territory. One way. Or the other.

Engage our Nature Concierge, located at The Resort’s Recreation Department, from 10 AM – 7 PM daily. Or call 503.622.2211. We are eager to help enhance and enrich your stay.

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