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Multnomah Falls

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Multnomah FallsWasn’t it your older relatives who every now and then would say something like, “Well, aren’t you a sight to behold?” The comment might have been said in jest, indicating attention was needed to your appearance. Or it might have been intended to truly call out a remarkable reflection of something beautiful. You.

Well, in a far greater sense and much broader picture, Multnomah Falls is a site to behold. And, for lovers of nature and wilderness, it is a must-see attraction when visiting the Mt. Hood area and The Resort at The Mountain.

Fact is, it is the most-visited natural attraction in Oregon. Today, millions of visitors come to stand in awe at the sight and sound of pure water cascading over the basalt ledge some 620 feet from its origin on Larch Mountain. Multnomah Falls is the second-tallest year-round waterfall in the United States.

The water of Multnomah Falls rushes just twenty minutes east of Troutdale. The Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area extends from the Sandy River, all the way to the Deschutes River, nearly 80 miles east.

So, you see, when you make this day trip from The Resort, it’s not ‘just’ Multnomah Falls you’ll experience. The gorge holds some of the region’s most scenic vistas and leads to hundreds of wilderness areas and recreation destinations, such as Bonneville Dam and Cascade Locks. There are two ways to get to the falls: Interstate 84 east and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway.

The winding road of the scenic highway deliver visitors to Multnomah Falls while simultaneously captivating them along the way with breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge.

It’s not that we won’t miss you while you’re away. We will. But since you are staying at The Resort at The Mountain, there’ll be lots of time for you to enjoy all the activities, recreation options and beauty the property offers.

First, check out our Special OffersMake your guest room reservations. Only then begin your vacation planning. It’s the natural order of things!