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Welcome to The Resort at The Mountain

mallards café & pub happy hour beverage menu

Mt. Hood Restaurants & Dining

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Tom, Dick and Harry
Elevation: 5,066 ft
House-Infused Rum, Absolut Citron, Raspberry Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice

Huckleberry Mountain
Elevation: 4,000 ft
Huckleberry Vodka, Raspberry Vodka, Orange Juice

Devil’s Peak
Elevation: 5,045 ft
House-Infused Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Cilantro

Last Chance Mountain
Elevation: 3,930 ft
House-Infused Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon Juice

Hunchback Mountain
Elevation: 4033 ft
House-Infused Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry Juice, Bitters

Wildcat Mountain
Elevation: 4,481 ft
C.W. Irwin Bourbon, Benedictine, Lemon Juice, Lime Juices

Zigzag Mountain
Elevation: 5,007 ft
Myer’s Dark Rum, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine

Squaw Mountain
Elevation: 4,771 ft
House-Infused Gin, Sparkling Wine, Lemon Juice

House Wines 4         Draft Beers 4        Well Drinks 4

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