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Lawn Bowling

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What is Lawn Bowling?
Lawn Bowling was created in Old England around the thirteenth century and is known as being a gracious, social and civilized, yet competitive game. It is played on 120ft x 15ft lanes within a 120 square ft flat grass surface with balls called “bowls”. The bowls are about 3 pounds and are not completely round (see picture right). The object is to roll your bowls closer to the target or “jack” (see white ball right) than your opponent. Players from each team take turns rolling their bowls down the green toward the jack. The team that is closest wins. The real fun and complexity comes from the fact that the jack moves when hit, and because the bowls are not completely round they don’t roll in a straight line very easily. Lawn bowling games are played by individuals or two, three or four person teams.

Who Plays Game?
Like croquet, lawn bowling is an easy game to learn and can be played by just about anyone. Men and women, old and young can all play. All that is required is the ability to lift and bowl and 3 pound ball, as well as a little walking. Although it hasn’t caught on in the United States as much as croquet yet, lawn bowling is quickly gaining popularity. There are around 150 community-sponsored bowling greens in the US today, and the numbers are growing. There are around 5 million bowlers worldwide in over 25 countries. It is played most in the commonwealth countries of Scotland, England, Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

What is Needed to Play?
A bowling green that is at least 120 square ft divided into 15 ft lanes, a set of 4 bowls, a “jack”, a 24 x 14 inch mat from which the bowl is delivered and flat comfortable footwear. The Resort has two bowling greens (one regulation size) and can provide everything you need to have a great game (except the footwear).

Variations of Lawn Bowling

  • Like most sports, lawn bowling is played at various levels, from beginner to professional. It is very versatile and can be played for fun, in a social setting, for recreation or competition, and it also makes a great game for groups.